Pneumatic Conveying Components For Dry Bulk Material Handling

shop bends and compression couplings



(Tubes, pipes, & glasses)

Offering a variety of short and long radius bends to fit your pneumatic conveying system.

Compression coupling 2.5in 3-bolt black gasket


Provide a watertight connection between pipes, and gaskets uphold the integrity of these connections, no matter what dry material is being conveyed.

If you’re in the business of dry bulk material handling, you’ll know the importance of a high-performing pneumatic conveying system. Every product sold here at PneuComponents helps you run efficiently, reduce downtime, save money on maintenance and repairs, and increase productivity.

No matter what it is you’re looking for, our components are here to help. 

Purchase The Parts You Need For Your Dry Bulk Pneumatic Conveying System

PneuComponents is an online store offering industry-leading parts for pneumatic conveying systems. All products provide solutions in pneumatic conveying and can be used across a range of industries. From grains, plastics and pet foods, to mining and water treatment, these components will help you deliver on the performance of your dry bulk pneumatic conveying system.

dry bulk pneumatic conveying system
about pneucomponents

About PneuComponents

PneuComponents is a way for engineers, wholesalers, and end-users alike to quickly and easily buy and receive high-quality new and replacement parts that don’t require customization. We supply to a range of industries, both domestically and internationally.

PneuComponents is part of Progressive Products, Inc. Since their inception in 1979, they have helped industries optimize their pneumatic conveying systems by providing technically superior abrasion-resistant components. Their industry-leading products include the patented Ceram-Back® elbow, heavy-duty diverter valves, and lump breakers available in both stainless and carbon steel.

Need To Customize Your Dry Bulk Pneumatic Conveying System?

If you need a custom manufactured component for your pneumatic conveying system, or can’t find what you’re looking for, just get in touch and one of our experts can advise you.