Carbon Elbows

 Buy High-Quality And Affordable Carbon Steel Elbows

Carbon steel elbows are some of the most durable products available. They are a common alternative to stainless steel fittings, especially as they can be more affordable. We supply pneumatic conveying elbows in carbon steel so that you can use high-strength parts for your conveying lines without breaking your budget.

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Why Choose Carbon Steel Elbows For Conveying Lines?

There are three main advantages to using carbon steel elbows in pneumatic conveying systems: 

  • High durability: The carbon content makes this material incredibly strong and durable
  • Economical: Its strength allows carbon steel to be manufactured more thinly than aluminium
  • Cost-effective: Carbon steel is more reasonably priced than stainless steel

If introduced to moisture, carbon steel may rust or corrode. Therefore, carbon steel elbows are not advised for conveying liquids, or applications where condensation is likely to form. For applications that need more corrosion resistance, we offer pneumatic elbows in both stainless steel and galvanized steel.

carbon steel elbows


  • Sizes range from 1″ O.D. through 12″ IPS
  • Standard wall thickness:
    • Tubing – 16, 14, 11 gauge
    • Pipe – 5, 10, 40 schedule
    • Other wall thicknesses available upon request

These elbows are also available in stainless steel and galvanized steel.

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