Buy High-Quality Couplings From Pneumatic Conveying Specialists

When it comes to pipework in pneumatic conveying systems, the importance of installing quality components is often underestimated. Poorly sealed joints in pipework can have severely detrimental effects on the entire system, and can be extremely costly to fix. After all, your whole system is only as strong as its weakest link.

Leading to pressure drops, increased power consumption, and contaminant leakage, it’s crucial to ensure that all connections in your conveying system are fully sealed. One way you can safeguard against these issues is with high-quality pneumatic conveying couplings.

Fast-Sealing Couplings & Gaskets Available For Online Purchase

We sell fast-sealing and high-quality compression couplings for tubes and pipes. There are a number of features that make these parts industry-leading:

  • Fabricated from heavy gauge zinc-plated steel
  • Suitable for higher operating pressures 
  • Capable of applying uniform compression across an entire surface

To further protect against possible line leaks, we offer gaskets in a range of durable materials to ensure a tight seal. Available materials range from silicone and rubber to black and white neoprene.

fast-sealing couplings & gaskets available for online purchase

Optimize Conveying Lines With PneuComponents

Gaskets and compression couplings available from PneuComponents have been carefully designed to maintain an air-tight seal throughout abrasive material flow, high conveying speeds, and all other operational forces. Purchase yours online today, or contact one of our product specialists if you need a customized part.