Compression couplings are a type of pipe coupling that can be used to join plain end tubing, pipes, elbows, and other line components in a pneumatic conveying system. They are designed to fit a wide variety of pipe sizes and materials, including but not limited to carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum.

How do Compression Couplings Work?

The compression coupling is fitted onto the end of two lengths of pipe intended to be joined. Then, the bolts on the connectors are tightened, forcing the casing and gasket to compress around the pipe (hence “compression”) to provide a leak-free connection. The inner gasket has an interlocking tooth design that allows it to expand or contract around the entire surface of a pipe joint to provide a reliable, uniform seal.

Anatomy of a Compression Coupling

Compression couplings are made of durable materials, such as galvanized steel, zinc-plated steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, while the nuts and bolts are generally made of zinc-plated steel. Depending on the diameter of the couplings, they can come in two, three, four, and five bolt varieties. The gaskets can be manufactured from black, white, red, blue, or other neoprene or silicone rubber varieties. A stainless steel conductivity strip (or grounding strip) is always included to provide an escape route for electrostatic build-up when used in conjunction with a fully grounded system. Compression couplings also have a 3” wide stainless steel inner sleeve inside the coupling gasket to prevent the gasket lining from being damaged by the joint being connected where the two ends meet.

Are Compression Couplings Reliable?

Compression couplings are reliable, easy to install, fast-sealing, and ideal for vacuum and pressure applications. The coupling design allows air or gas to pass through it while maintaining a positive seal to ensure no leakage occurs. Compression couplings are an ideal way to connect pipes or hoses at higher pressures and are perfect for pneumatic conveying systems. 

Because it is so vital to ensure that your couplings can handle the stresses associated with a high-pressure system, we recommend speaking with someone familiar with compression couplings. 

At PneuComponents, we are not only experts in compression couplings and pneumatic conveying systems but can also custom design your couplings upon request. Contact us so that we can discuss your needs and help you find a solution.

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